Eclectic Woodworking

People ask what I make and I answer, "whatever intrigues me." I began with chip carving and moved  to building  wooden boxes. When a September storm felled trees in the neighbourhood I started carving spoons and other kitchen tools. These days I'm building my first ukulele.

Hi, my name is Marian and I'm the main person behind WoodDancer Studios. I've always wanted to work with wood but had very little opportunity while growing up. In high school boys took shop and girls took home ec. so I was stuck making aprons and white sauces instead of footstools and bird houses. In university and technical theatre school I was able to do a bit of work on props and sets and, for a while, I make a lot of puppets. In 2004 I was in a book store browsing through the magazines.  In a woodworking magazine I noticed an ad for a week-long hand tool course.  I bought the magazine and signed up for Rob Cosman's 'Training the Hand' course.  After all, how hard could hand tool woodworking be? Now, almost 15 years later, the answer is 'very hard!' but I still love it. 

Over the years I have collected a good range of  tools and in 2009 we took the deck off the back of the house and built a dedicated wood shop which my husband and I share. Full discolsure: I use it most of the time and he has to let me know when he wants to use his lathe because my stuff generally covers every square inch. Woodworking is a fascinating journey.

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