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June 2011

Penny's boxes are DONE!

Walnut keepsake box.  This is the box that uses wood from the 1900's bedstead.

It was a bit of a worry to make sure everything was perfect but, yes, Penny's boxes were finished ahead-of-time. I used 100% discarded wood - beautiful pieces from other woodworker's burn piles, some wood we had salvaged or found including some wood from a bed headboard that came from the early 1900's. I should explain that Penny commissioned me to make a box for each of the teachers her son had during his grade 12 year. When I took the boxes to her, her son knew immediately which box he wanted to go to which teacher.

Wedding Boxes

Rose wedding box

Marian has created a number of boxes as wedding presents for specific couples. These boxes are one of a kind and often incoporate the initials of the couple in a design which is chip-carved into the lid. One couple keeps the box beside their bed and places their wedding rings in it each night.

About Us

Welcome to WoodDancer Studios. We are two artists, Marian Hood and Richard Gaskell.

WoodDancer stems from work we always wanted to do and put off as careers took precedence. Marian has been working with wood for the past eleven years and has developed an appreciation for hand tools. Marian worked in the basement where her bench was sandwiched between the clothes dryer and the wall. Often the top of the freezer served as a place to lay out tools and materials.

Keepsake box detail

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