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November 2014

Snake Spoon

A spoon that looks like a snake!


Most folks who make spoons go for nice clear wood.  I like all the knots and bumps.  This particular piece had a small knot that went all the way through where I wanted to carve the bowl. When I got the bowl carved it looked to me like eyes so I decided to capitalize on that and carve the handle of the spoon as if it was the body and tail of a snake.



Cooking spoons

Elm cooking spoon.

These may not look like the wooden spoons you buy in the grocery store but as far as I'm concerned the best spoon is the spoon that gets used.  I'm using salad bowl finish on all the spoons and it is food safe once it's cured. 

Spoons for soup and cereal

Medium sized spoons used to eat.

Some folks eat with expensive silver spoons; some eat with spoons from Ikea or Canadian Tire.  All of these spoons work just fine.  For something out of the ordinary try a carved wooden spoon for eating your soup, cereal or chili. The spoon in the centre is made from apple which was dry.  The two spoons flanking it were carved from green elm.

The middle spoon is 8 inches long (20 cm.)  The other spoons are slightly shorter.

Business card stands

One of the goals for this season's Christmas gifts was to use up some of the scrap wood I have been accumulating. These business card stands allowed me to put a small dent in my scrap pile while experimenting with different combinations of wood. The L-shaped teak edges on some of the stands came from failed picture frames for some of last year's gifts. Before that they were part of a large teak sign that Craig Ainsworth inherited from his uncle. I was delighted by Craig's generous gift of such a large piece of teak.

Mantle decorations

In this creche the figures slide forward slightly to enhance the sense of depth. Although this particular decoration has been sold there are others which contain only the family.


These bookmarks are made from cherry and the pierced designs are cut on the scroll saw. The only problem is they don't work with iPads or Kindles.


After we renovated our basement there was some cork flooring left over. Some got used for boxes and I thought this year I would use some to make coasters. The small coasters are sold in sets of 4 while the larger coasters with wooden edging are sold individually.  

Salt and Pepper shakers and more

It's been a busy summer and fall. I have been working on more spoons and have added salt and pepper sets to the Christmas line-up.  I've also begun to enjoy TrueBuch Kombucha and have made a "Kombucha Kaddy" for myself and another for a friend so we can more easily carry our kombucha bottles.   If someone you know could use a hand-crafted Christmas gift please get in touch.

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