Marian enjoyed making the boxes on this page! The puzzle boxes require the pieces of the box to be removed in a specific order to reveal a hidden compartment.

The wedding boxes are built and then carved with a unique design. These boxes can often take months to build.

Marian has created a number of boxes, mostly out of recycled or discarded wood. Wood is so beautiful that it is a shame that scraps are tossed when even a very small piece can be made into a free-form bandsawn box.

For a bandsawn box, the basic shape is first cut out and then the front and back are sliced and saved. The inside of the drawer is cut out and the front and back are reassembled. You can use the inside of the drawer - which would normally be discarded - to make another bandsawn box. Look at the third image down and you will see the purple-heart top and ash box. Beside the big box is a smaller bandsawn box made from the waste from the drawer.

The ash, cherry, purple-heart and maple come from ends of boards from other projects - either projects of ours or from the burn bins of other woodworkers. The birch comes from our woodpile. The walnut comes from a headboard for a bed that had water damage that I found in an attic.

Wooden-hinge box

Wooden-hinge box

For quite a while I've wanted to make a box with wooden hinges.  I reasearched various ways to make the hinges and the method I chose was to drill the hole for the pin first and then cut out the hinge shape using the scroll saw. This may not be the fastest way to do things but it worked well. Because the box is relatively small, about 4 inches long, I cut the rabbets on the lid panel using a hand plane instead of using the table saw. Preparing the panel took less time than I anticipated and, once again, hand tools allowed me to sneak up on the fit.

Hidden Curve Box


This box is walnut and I made a few for Christmas presents. From the outside it looks like a standard, square box. The inside is a freeform shape. surprise! (sold)

Paper-Clip Box


This box is made of purpleheart and cherry and is made from a scrap left over after I made a bigger box. (sold)

Butterfly Box


Heart and initials

This box is made from walnut and basswood.  The lid is chip carved. (sold)

The Cat Freeform Box


This box is made from cherry and walnut and I nicknames it 'the cat.' (sold)

The Snake Box


Heart and initials

This box is made from cherry and is one of the early ones. (sold)

Tiny Box


This tiny box was made from scraps of ash and purple heart that came from the first bandsawn box I made. The drawers are less than an inch across. (sold)

Fish Bandsaw Box


Heart and initials

This box, again made from poplar, was made at the same time as the turtle and I think I sold it to the same person. (sold)

Turtle Box


This box. made from poplar is one of my favourites and I was very pleased when a friend bought it for her daughter. (sold)

Comedy Tragedy Mask Box


Heart and initials

This box was made for the 2 X 4 constest held by the Southern Alberta Woodworkers Society.  Many who enter their work use the same number of board feet as are in a standard framing 2 X 4.  I decided to use an authentic framing 2 X 4.  I was wondering what I could make when I looked up and  above my desk hung the two  ceramic comedy/ tragedy masks that I received as a gift many years ago. They gave me the design idea for this box. (sold)


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