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Something different

My first kuksa

As those of you who visit this website know, I’ve been rotten at keeping it current. The truth is that the last thing I want to do when I finish a project is to get out the camera and background set-up and try to take attractive pictures. I’ve decided to try something different and make these articles more about works in progress.

I've really been  enjoying my hand tools and the more I learn about carving, the more I learn about wood and how to use tools in general.  I've been carving spoons lately and I'm blown away by some of the spoon carvers I see on the internet.  I definitely gives me something to aspire to. I've tried decorating my spoons with kolrosing. Kolrosing means cutting a single line design with a knife and then rubbing coffee, cinnamon or charcoal into the cuts before burnishing over them and oiling the spoon. It's another fascinating thing to play with.

Yesterday I set out to make some shelves for the laundry room but before I could get started on that I needed to clean up the shop which meant I had to put my carving tools away. I looked at the way I had been storing them in my Japanese tool box and thought that if I made individual blade protectors for the tools I could more easily fit them in. Out went all plans to start on the shelves. I spent a wonderful day carving out the shapes of blades and finding various ways to keep the guards in place. For some I used magnets; for some I used leather wraps and for one I was able to simply plunge the blade into a piece of soft wood to protect the edge. Perhaps today I'll get started on the shelves.

I also tried carving my first kuksa recently. Traditionally a kuksa is seasoned with cognac before being used as a coffee cup.  We didn't have cognac so Richard tested it out with red wine instead.  He reports that it works for both. I will be making other kuksas in the future.  They are a lot of work and I could do a lot with machines but I'm enjoying the process and getting to know my carving tools. 


Coming up, I will get working on Christmas ornaments. I have one craft fair scheduled and a number of people have asked for ornaments again this year. I'm having a bit of an issue with my scroll saw and I'll need to get that fixed in short order.

Also on the program is a big clean-up and filter change on all the dust collecting equipment. Now that I've been working in the shop for 8 years I'm starting to recognize how I can better organize the space for the kind of work I do.  It's a neverending adventure.


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