On September 8 we got hit by a nasty snow storm. Since the leaves were still on the trees many branches broke including a couple on our elm tree in the front yard and one on our neighbour's tree which landed across our sidewalk. I hated to see all that wood go to waste so I headed out in the snow with my Swede saw and started to cut pieces off the downed limbs. It takes years to air dry wood so I decided I needed to find something to do with the green wood. After looking around on the net I found a number of sites on carving spoons out of green wood. After attempting to rough out spoons with our camping axe I bought a belt axe more suited to the job, a proper knife and a hook knife. Armed with the new tools I began to learn about riving green wood and carving spoons. It's a lot of fun and I think I'll keep spoons as one of my products.

Something different

My first kuksa

As those of you who visit this website know, I’ve been rotten at keeping it current. The truth is that the last thing I want to do when I finish a project is to get out the camera and background set-up and try to take attractive pictures. I’ve decided to try something different and make these articles more about works in progress.

Spoons for soup and cereal

Medium sized spoons used to eat.

Some folks eat with expensive silver spoons; some eat with spoons from Ikea or Canadian Tire.  All of these spoons work just fine.  For something out of the ordinary try a carved wooden spoon for eating your soup, cereal or chili. The spoon in the centre is made from apple which was dry.  The two spoons flanking it were carved from green elm.

The middle spoon is 8 inches long (20 cm.)  The other spoons are slightly shorter.

Cooking spoons

Elm cooking spoon.

These may not look like the wooden spoons you buy in the grocery store but as far as I'm concerned the best spoon is the spoon that gets used.  I'm using salad bowl finish on all the spoons and it is food safe once it's cured. 

Snake Spoon

A spoon that looks like a snake!


Most folks who make spoons go for nice clear wood.  I like all the knots and bumps.  This particular piece had a small knot that went all the way through where I wanted to carve the bowl. When I got the bowl carved it looked to me like eyes so I decided to capitalize on that and carve the handle of the spoon as if it was the body and tail of a snake.



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