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These bookmarks are made from cherry and the pierced designs are cut on the scroll saw. The only problem is they don't work with iPads or Kindles.

Paper-Clip Box


This box is made of purpleheart and cherry and is made from a scrap left over after I made a bigger box. (sold)

The Cat Freeform Box


This box is made from cherry and walnut and I nicknames it 'the cat.' (sold)

The Snake Box


Heart and initials

This box is made from cherry and is one of the early ones. (sold)

Purpleheart and Cherry Box

Purpleheart is a difficult wood to work.  It is brittle, has large pores and leaves purple dust everywhere;  nonetheless, there is nothing like the surprise when I tell someone that the wood is not dyed: that's just the colour of it.  I have a friend who absolutely hates purpleheart.  As a result I have salvaged quite a bit from his 'burn bin.'  I'll be able to keep using it for boxes or accents for some time. Instead of using purpleheart for the lid I used it for the body of the box and chose cherry for the lid. Price $40.00



Cherry and Walnut Box

I'm pleased with this box.  It was one of the first that I made using the table saw. I cut the stock to size, created the mitered corners, cut the slots for the splines and  cut the rabbet on the lid all with the table saw. Before this project the only thing I would use the table saw for was cross-cutting with a sled. Price $50.00

Small Panel Lid Box

I had some really small scraps that I didn't want to throw out so I made a small box with a panel lid.  This box is approximately 4 1/2 inches (11cm) long by 2 3/8 inches (6 cm) wide by 1 3/4 inches (4.5 cm) high.

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