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Christmas Ornaments 2016

Victorian 3D ornament

There are a number of new animal ornaments this year.  Most popular so far are the horse and the pig. Every Christmas tree should have a pig! To complete the barnyard there are geese, goats, cats and donkeys.


Ribbon Ornaments

star, cat, family, wreath, dragonfly

The ribbon ornaments sold out last year so I've made some more this year.  I have stars, cats (sorry I don't have a pattern for dogs), a dragon fly, wreaths and the holy family. Birds should be ready around the beginning of December.  As they say, watch this space because as I make more objects with gift-giving season in mind, I'll post them here on the website. Ornaments are $10 each.

Hidden Curve Box


This box is walnut and I made a few for Christmas presents. From the outside it looks like a standard, square box. The inside is a freeform shape. surprise! (sold)

Door Harp #5

A freeform, bird-shaped, door harp.

Centuries ago the Chinese used chimes around doors and windows to attract good luck and repel bad. About 700 years ago the Swedish began using an instrument with strings and beads to repel evil spirits. The Scandinavian door harp was hung inside the door, as is this harp, to welcome guests with its soft sounds as the door opened and closed.

The bird design came from a piece of scrap when I was experimenting with box designs. I've modified it several times until I really like it - think of it singing you home. Too bad our parrots don't make as pleasant a sound!

Cutting Board and Cheese Spreader

Cutting board and poplar cheese spreader.

This little chopping board (or cheese board) is made entirely from bits that were left over from a series of boxes I made in the spring. The walnut is still from the headboard and footboard of my parents' bed, so this is its third life.  The cherry and maple were bought specifically for the boxes. The spreader for soft cheese came from a piece of ash that was an off-cut from Richard's project to repair the bird gym after Odie chewed through it. Richard was going to toss the thin piece when he turned to me and said, “Can you use this?”  I took it and it has become the cheese spreader.

Chopsticks and Rests

Six poplar chopsticks and walnut rests

This gift has saved numerous bits of wood from the fire pit. The chopsticks are made from poplar, the wood I use most often, so there are always lots of scraps. The chopstick rests are made of off-cuts from a series of boxes that I made in the spring. The walnut originally came from the headboard of my parents' bed. During storage, a leak in the attic damaged the wood so the headboard was not saleable. This is the third incarnation of the walnut.

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