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CRTA show 2013

Duck Box

This box is of unfinished spruce giving the owner an opportunity to draw on it, paint it or carve it.  Price $10.00


Sometimes it's fun to just sit down and play with curves on the band saw. This is the result of one such session. It is unfinished and might be a good box for a child to paint. The material is part of a spruce 2X4. Price $10.00

Maple Box

Although the body and the lid of this box are both hard maple, the figure and colour is quite different.  I have been looking at the piece that became the lid for quite some time, waiting for a project to properly show it off. The splines are walnut for contrast. Price $40.00

Jatoba and Maple Box

A friend was lucky enough to obtain some jatoba, also called Brazilian Cherry.  He offered me one of the boards and this is the first box I have made from it.  There will be at least one more. it is a gorgeous wood to work with a deep rich colour and for contrast I was able to find a piece of curly maple to use for the bottom. Price $60.00

Three Grains Business Card Holder

The shapes on the front of this reminded me of grains of rice, or wheat. The top and bottom are maple and the sides are mahogany. Price $20.00

Bean String Business Card Holder

I was playing with shapes on the front of this piece and when I was finished it reminded me of a string of beans.  The front and back are maple and the sides are walnut. Price $20.00

Tree Business Card Holder

This design gave me a chance to try out some very fine lines with the scroll saw. The box is made from maple and mahogany. These card holders take about 5 business cards depending on the weight of the stock used in the cards. Price $20.00 

Duck Business Card Holder

Two other students and I are in a class making maple workbenches.  One night I was offered 20 offcuts all 1/8 of an inch thick.  I didn't know what I was going to use them for but knew they were worth saving from the burn bin.  My first thought was box bottoms but when I discovered the business card boxes I knew exactly how to use the maple. I searched around for small patterns to put on the front. A duck is probably a bit weird but it might appeal to someone. The sides of this holder are purpleheart. Price $20.00

Cedar Freeform Box

I bought a cedar post to make puzzle boxes and had some left over.  This box is the result.  It features a walnut handle on the lid. Price $20.00

Purpleheart and Cherry Box

Purpleheart is a difficult wood to work.  It is brittle, has large pores and leaves purple dust everywhere;  nonetheless, there is nothing like the surprise when I tell someone that the wood is not dyed: that's just the colour of it.  I have a friend who absolutely hates purpleheart.  As a result I have salvaged quite a bit from his 'burn bin.'  I'll be able to keep using it for boxes or accents for some time. Instead of using purpleheart for the lid I used it for the body of the box and chose cherry for the lid. Price $40.00



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