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cutting board

In the Kitchen

Are you looking for gifts for one of the cooks in your life? I have a number of spurtles. A spurtle was originally a stir stick for porridge. It's good for stirring sauces, tossing veggies while  a stir-frying or placing over top of a pot of pasta to prevent it from boiling over. Because spurtles are designed to scrape the sides of a pot I make them in right and left handed versions. Spurtles are available in Manitoba maple and walnut.


Cutting Board and Cheese Spreader

Cutting board and poplar cheese spreader.

This little chopping board (or cheese board) is made entirely from bits that were left over from a series of boxes I made in the spring. The walnut is still from the headboard and footboard of my parents' bed, so this is its third life.  The cherry and maple were bought specifically for the boxes. The spreader for soft cheese came from a piece of ash that was an off-cut from Richard's project to repair the bird gym after Odie chewed through it. Richard was going to toss the thin piece when he turned to me and said, “Can you use this?”  I took it and it has become the cheese spreader.

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