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Phone stands

wooden holders for smart phones,NEW

Although I have a computer and a large screen TV I often find myself propping my phone up against the salt and pepper shakers on the table to watch a quick YouTube video. If you know someone who does the same here's a quick gift for them. The phone stands will hold a thinner phone without a case and some of the beefier ones will also support an iPad. The ones above are examples. There are many more to choose from.

Mantle decorations

In this creche the figures slide forward slightly to enhance the sense of depth. Although this particular decoration has been sold there are others which contain only the family.

Duck Box

This box is of unfinished spruce giving the owner an opportunity to draw on it, paint it or carve it.  Price $10.00


Sometimes it's fun to just sit down and play with curves on the band saw. This is the result of one such session. It is unfinished and might be a good box for a child to paint. The material is part of a spruce 2X4. Price $10.00

Comedy Tragedy Mask Box


Heart and initials

This box was made for the 2 X 4 constest held by the Southern Alberta Woodworkers Society.  Many who enter their work use the same number of board feet as are in a standard framing 2 X 4.  I decided to use an authentic framing 2 X 4.  I was wondering what I could make when I looked up and  above my desk hung the two  ceramic comedy/ tragedy masks that I received as a gift many years ago. They gave me the design idea for this box. (sold)

Small Spruce Box

I always seem to have bits of 2X4 hanging around the shop.  I decided to use some of it by making a few boxes and leaving them unfinished so the owner can use their own design to complete the box. This little box could hold a few pairs or earrrings. The body of the box is spruce but I found a nice piece of fir for the lid.  This box and its companions sell for $10.00.

Pierced Lid Box

The pattern for the lid of this box came from a magazine. While it provides an interesting change, I don't think I have the patience to do a lot of these boxes because it takes more time to undo the scroll saw blade and rethread it than it does to do the actual sawing.  The body of the box was made from  a scrap of construction lumber which can show attractive colour sometimes.

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